Every day we sit down to have a meal. Either we are alone or sharing it with friends or family, we spend a certain amount of time around the table. This piece of furniture was a center of household life for centuries. In some episode of human's history the feast  could takes several days. The modern  table serving culture came to us from the France, together with Luis XV. It was developed in Victorian times and finally formed in the guidelines we have today.

'Set this table' it my ongoing project, the tribute I pay to my family tradition. For my mother table was not just a surface with plates and cutlery. It was a special culture of serving and sharing meals. Even simple and fast breakfast may be a good reason to create a beautiful settings. Ever since I was a little girl my mother would aways prepare a unique dining set for a meal. It may be something very simple and ordinary form the first loot at. But it was a good tradition that I inherited from her.

Now with technology of entertaining we tend to skip the dining setting as non-necessary part of our daily life or as an action that takes too much effort. The goal of my project is to show that dining is still a big part of our life and essential for communication between people. If does not need to be fancy, it is not not important what plates are used. The vital part is the desire to unite friends and family members around the table to have a good time together.